Nychole Owens’ work speaks in distinctive ways to different people. It is through her art that she expresses the feminine goddess connection. Soulful and Afro centric, she strives to show the connection of the feminine spirit and the universe. Her images unite the human experience with the elements of space and time.

Nychole uses her art as a personal understanding of female energy, strength and beauty. She blends what is real with the abstract in composition that has both personal and universal meaning. Her art conveys the infinite potential that is inside all of us, “My work is intended for all people”, says Nychole. For the female she may realize the inner beauty and divine nature that lies within us all. For the male he may be reminded that women are not merely objects of physical beauty but spiritual leaders and the caretakers of us all.

Nychole is dedicated to the craft of visual expression, not as isolated art, but as a way of life. She notes, ‘Drawing has always been for me a way for me to express feelings I could not verbalize. I’m sure it saved my life on many occasions. It’s my escape, my love, my entertainment, and my joy to release images from my head onto a beautiful smooth sheet of paper or soft cut of wood. I draw from my loss, love, pain, frustration, dreams, knowledge and the beauty I see in the world.’